Swanson Road Veterinary Clinic

Experience Hassle-free Pet Care at Our Vet Clinic

Who we are

Experience Hassle-free Pet Care at Our Vet Clinic

Who Are We?

Swanson Road Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing the very best medical care for your pets in Henderson. Our clinic provides state of the art equipment and laboratories that ensure the right treatments are always available. Our goal is to make the quality of your pet’s life as healthy as your own. Our highly experienced veterinarians and nurses will make sure that your beloved pet lives a healthy and active life by remedying all types of curable diseases and medical problems. As well as offering a comprehensive range of Veterinary services to your beloved pets and stock a range of pet food and pet products. Our dedicated team looks forward to welcoming you and your pet to our veterinary family.

  • Vets with a range of interests and expertise.
  • Knowledge in medicine, surgery and animal behavior.
  • We offer education, advice and choice of vet care.
  • Dedicated staff who are passionate animal lovers.

Client Testimonials

Judy G.

Fantastic.. girls are all super lovely and my Vet was just fantastic and so caring and took the time to explain things. Just so lovely

Carley H.

These guys are the best veterinary clinic out west…so caring, so professional. They understand how loved our pets are to us… recommend 100%

Mary M.

I highly recommend Swanson Vet to any pet owner who wants bang for there buck. They are so welcoming and the service is #a class. I just love how they don’t rush through consultation with your fur baby and they thoroughly check them to make sure they are well and healthy. Both my Boys are registered here and I wouldn’t take them any where else.


Save time on the phone and book your pet’s appointment when it suits you. Its never been easier and the booking system is updated in real-time so you know exactly what times are available.